A bathtub made of Teppeiseki stone

The natural stone used in Tsukushi is called Teppeiseki. Teppeiseki is a form of volcanic rock, and forms when magma from deep in the earth rises up near the surface, cools and hardens. Teppeiseki contains negative ions which dissolve in the hot water to make the water in the bath alkaline. It is recommended for women in particular as it has moisture-retaining properties and makes skin silky smooth.

business hours

11:30-15:00 everyday (final admission: 14:00)
Operation hours may be changed or our facility may be closed due to maintenance or for other reasons.
Contact us for details before your visit.
*Infants are also available.


Fees: 2,500 yen for 50 minutes / four people per room
Additional 500 yen for every 15 minutes over 50 minutes.


Natural charcoal shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are provided.


Wood deck, wash basin, lounge, hair drye.
*face towel and bath towel is not installed. We sell at the front desk.
Face towel 200yen bath towel 800yen