Hinoki (Japanese cypress) is used for bathtub and walls. The bathtub has two levels two it. There is a level that is a normal depth and a more shallow level. You can lie down flat in the shallow level. Enjoy a relaxing time while taking in the scenic views of the natural environment from the deck space.

business hours

11:30-15:00 everyday (final admission: 14:00)
Operation hours may be changed or our facility may be closed due to maintenance or for other reasons.
Contact us for details before your visit.
*Infants are also available.


Fees: 2,500 yen for 50 minutes / four people per room
Additional 500 yen for every 15 minutes over 50 minutes.


Natural charcoal shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are provided.


Wood deck, wash basin, lounge, hair drye.
*face towel and bath towel is not installed. We sell at the front desk.
Face towel 200yen bath towel 800yen