Can I connect the Internet in the rooms?

Free wireless LAN available

What about smoking?

You can smoke in the deck / garden. Please smoke in the smoking area of the hotel or where the ashtray is installed.

Do cell phones connect?

docomo・au・SoftBank is connected throughout the hotel.
*Please be aware that it may be difficult to connect temporarily.

About water

Refreshing water that comes direct from Mt. Yufudake and is exceptionally pure is available for drinking throughout Okuyado Buaiso.
* You can drink the rich mineral water that springs from underground from any faucet.

About DVD

Television in all rooms has installed DVD deck.
DVD rental is available at the SUMIKUMA lounge. Please use it freely.

About the bath of the room

For the Fuga, Aioi, Ashi and Fuki rooms, semi-open-air baths are available.
For other rooms, open-air and indoor baths are available.
Just push a button to enjoy 100% pure hot spring water which has just come from 1000 meters underground.

Is there a public bath?

There is an outdoor bath(Tanayu, a hot spring of mist and starlight). Enjoy the most spacious resort in Kyushu(Infant disabled).
Guests can use free of charge.

Is there a private bath?

We have 7 private baths. You can choose from three types of baths: hinoki (Japanese cypress wood), natural stone, and iwaburo (baths made of (or surrounded by) rocks).
It is a reservation system.
Guests can use free of charge.

What is the temperature of the public bath?

As for the Tanayu bath, different temperature settings are used for upper and lower levels. The upper level is 42℃ and the lower level is 38℃. Please feel free to alternate between them as much as you like according to your preference.

Can I use hot-springs on a day trip?

I am sorry but we can not use it. It is a facility for guests only.

Can I use a massage?

Massage, foot pad treatment, facial treatment, oil massage can be used in the guest room.
* Customers of oil massage can also use the dedicated room(Reservation system).

Do you have any allergic ingredients?

If given prior notice, we can prepare dishes for you with different ingredients.

Will the menu change if I stay for several days at a time?

We provide a menu of kaiseki dishes that change every day for our customers who stay several days at a time.

Can I go by car even in winter?

Since it is not a heavy snowfall area, we rarely experience road closures due to snow.
However, from December to February snowfall and other dangerous winter conditions may occur. When visiting by car, contact us beforehand so that we can advise you on whether or not you will need studless tires or chains.

Is there a Transportation service?

There is no transportation service for hotel. We offer a special discounted taxi fare. For more information please contact the hotel.

Is it possible to book the day?

It is possible to make reservations on the day.
Note that we may not be able to change your dinner or offer you dinner at all depending on the time we receive your request.

Can I use a credit card?

Approximate cards are available(VISA,Master,JCB,UC,DC,American Express etc)

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made up to two months in advance.

What time is check-in / check-out?

Check-in is available in all rooms at 15:00, Check-out is available in all rooms at 11:00.
* Those who wish to make early check-in, late check-out etc please consult us.

Check-in is delayed

Check in is until 18:00. Please contact the hotel if you are after 18:00.
* The use of the dinner venue will be until 21:00.

How do I use an hotel voucher?

We have prepared a gift card for your beloved ones.
Use it to show gratitude to the people who have helped you or for your customers as a sign of friendship (or to entertain them).
Why not send them our gift card to show your sincere appreciation and have them enjoy a luxury experience in their stay at Buaiso?

How do I purchase an hotel voucher?

We accept at the hotel. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
*The accommodation voucher is a prepaid hotel voucher.