Operating area Required time Special pricing (one-way) Special pricing (round trip)
Oita - Okuyufuin Approx. 20 min. 120,000yen 240,000yen
Kitakyushu - Okuyufuin Approx. 30 min. 150,000yen 300,000yen
Fukuoka - Okuyufuin Approx. 40 min. 180,000yen 360,000yen

*Please contact us for other areas.

One way cancellation fee (If you make a round-trip the price will be doubled)

Operating area 7 days ago~4 days ago
3 days ago~2 days ago
The previous day
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Oita - Okuyufuin 36,000yen 60,000yen 84,000yen 120,000yen
Kitakyushu - Okuyufuin 45,000yen 75,000yen 105,000yen 150,000yen
Fukuoka - Okuyufuin 54,000yen 90,000yen 126,000yen 180,000yen
Heliport usage charge 5,000 yen